About Us

To know Shano Designs is to know not only the founders, David and Katherine Shano, but also their family. In 2002 David and Katherine united their unique companies, Moment Timepieces and Katherine Shano, together into one — Shano Designs.

Inspired by the individual characteristics of their children, the Shano design philosophy is founded on the notion that we should strive for a life centered around things we love and cherish.

David Shano

A contemporary man appalled by the lack of choices in men's jewelry, David set out to combine unique styling with casual elegance rather than bling. He began creating sophisticated timepieces, incorporating diamonds and other precious stones carefully placed to enhance with subtle chic. His men's line also offers pendants, rings, bracelets, and golf accessories. He and his wife, Katherine, built Shano Designs with a vision to develop the business as a legacy for their four daughters. The couple builds their life around things they love and can share with family, and designing fine timepieces and jewelry allows David to do this.

Katherine Shano

Katherine Shano finds great pleasure in designing and crafting her own brand of jewelry, especially family-inspired pieces. This self-taught designer unveiled her first creations in 2002 with her Madison Lee collection. Katherine founded Shano Designs with her equally passionate husband, David, creating an artistic legacy for their children. Above and beyond her creative talents, perhaps her greatest talent is managing a household of four kids. Inspired by their daughters' unique personalities, Katherine designs each collection to reflect the various dimensions of beauty existing within each of us and our modern world.